How to Tell Your Husband You Need More Affection

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Most women desire affection in their marriages. Hugs, kisses and being told that they are loved can make many women feel appreciated. Some husbands, however, fail to provide their wives the affection they need as their marriage progresses. They may feel that they don't need to show them that much affection because they have been together for so long. If you are craving affection from your husband, do not be afraid to tell him.

Set realistic expectations. Do not expect your husband to transform into a romantic guy in one night. If you don't make reasonable expectations, you will only set yourself up for disappointment.

Tell your husband that he is not giving you enough affection. It is possible that he is not giving you affection because he does not think you desire it. When you express your feelings, refrain from yelling at him or making him feel like a bad husband. Instead, calmly tell him that you need more affection in your marriage. Let him know how he can show you more affection, such as giving you a kiss before you go to bed or telling you that he loves you.

Set a good example. Show your husband affection by kissing him or gently rubbing his back. When he notices that you are showing him affection, he will know that you care for him and may return the favor.

Praise your husband when he shows your affection. Give him a smile or tell him that you appreciate his efforts in becoming more affectionate. Let him know how good it makes you feel that he is showing you affection. If you give him positive reinforcement, he is more likely to continue to show affection.

Talk to a marriage counselor if nothing improves. A marriage counselor can help many types of couples resolve their issues. A licensed professional can help you better understand each other and figure out the underlying reasons your husband is not showing you enough affection.