How to Make Your Ex-Boyfriend Fall in Love With You Again

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Your boyfriend has left you and you are devastated. If you feel the relationship can still work in a healthy way and there is still love there, you can try to get him back. During this time, it is important to ignore and repress all feelings of wanting to call or text him, which will ultimately backfire. Examining what was wrong with the relationship can also be helpful when you do get back together so as to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Figure out if your ex is single before attempting to win him back. For example, try checking his Facebook relationship status. If it's not posted, look at this photos to see if the same girl appears in flirty poses with your ex.

Exude confidence. If you have mutual friends and hangouts, it is likely you will run into each other at a social gathering, party or bar. Look your best and enjoy yourself. Confidence, like independence, is always attractive and will help remind your ex why he fell in love with you. Refrain from getting too drunk when in situations with your ex and mutual friends, which may cause you to plead with your ex to get back together. This is not attractive behavior.

Suggest a low-key meeting, such as going out for a cup of coffee. You may also suggest a favorite spot of yours, such as a bar where you used to meet for drinks. This will trigger memories of the past, most of which will hopefully be positive. Talk about favorite trips you took together, funny moments or other fun times you had, which can stir up old feelings.

Remember to go slow and try to think of getting back together as an entirely new relationship, according to relationship therapist Bethany Marshall, author of "Deal Breakers." While it is important to talk about problems you may have had in the past, address them and move on rather than letting them poison your second go-round.