Ideas to Write Inside a Birthday Invitation

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When creating a birthday invitation, you want to make sure that it stands out from the rest, ensuring that your guests will be excited about the upcoming party. Birthday invitations can be ordered from a professional, custom made, or they can be purchased on the cheap and touched up. The most important thing about writing inside a birthday invitation is that you are clear about the party details, that you convey the theme of the party well, and that you explain if anything is needed from the attendees.

The Basics

There are important basics that should be included in any birthday invitation, no matter how inventive. If you are not clear about these details, the guests may have a tough time even knowing how to get to your party at the right time. The basics include the date, the time, the place, whom the party is for and possibly how old the birthday person will be, as well as information for RSVPs. These basics can be further supplemented with a map to illustrate how to get to the location. If it is a child's birthday party, be sure to indicate if the parents are welcome by writing “parents are welcome to attend,” or that you’d rather they come back later by writing “Please pick up your child at (blank) time.”

The Theme

If you are attempting to put on a themed party, the invitation can be theme-based as well. A pirate party, for instance, can use terms like “arrr,” “matey,” and “walk the plank,” while a superhero party could use comic book exclamations like “bam!” and “pow!” Different themed cards can be used for different types of celebrants. If the birthday person is a journalist, the card can be written like a newspaper article. If the birthday person is a teacher, have the card look like a graded paper that has lots of mistakes and needs a parent signature.

What Your Guests Need to Do

Different types of parties have different requirements of their guests. If you want to make sure the party goes as planned, you need to include what is needed in the invitation. If the party is a costume party, make sure to mention what costumes are appropriate: for instance, for a rock star party you can suggest blond wigs and leather jackets. If you will be going to an arcade, be exact about how many tokens you will provide and what the cost of extra tokens will be so that parents know how much extra money to give to their kids. If a younger child is interested in trains, don’t just make it a train theme party, but suggest a few train toy brands of which he is a fan.

Tone of Party Invitation

The tone of a birthday card is important to convey what kind of party it will be. If the party is going to be formal, convey that from the beginning with wording like “The honor of your presence is requested” instead of “You gotta be here!” If the party is going to be goofy, feel free to include some jokes or a goofy poem. It is not always a good idea to include anything dirty for a more adult party, as as it always possible that kids will get their hands on the invitation. Either way, be appropriate to the spirit of the party so guests know what to expect.