Ideas to Put on an Individual Graduation Table Display

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Graduation, from high school or any other school, is a special time in a person's life. If you’re planning a graduation party for yourself or someone you know, here are some things you might want to include on a display table.


Photographs are probably the most popular item put on display at graduation parties and events. There are many ways to display them. Group them according to themes such as school, family or friends. Frame them in matching frames or mix and match them.

Autograph card, book or poster

Friends of the graduate will appreciate an opportunity to sign something for the honoree. Buy an oversize graduation card, one that has plenty of room for signatures, and put it on your display table. Or, give your guests something different to sign such as an autograph book or a poster. Make a poster by simply gluing a photo of the graduate to a sheet of poster board (leaving room for signatures) and put it on the table where everyone can sign it.

School or Childhood Memorabilia

Is there an art or science fair project the graduate is especially proud of? If so, include that special project (or projects) on your table. Or add something from childhood, like a lock of hair from a first hair cut; a special toy; or sports equipment (shoes, balls, rackets, etc.).

Framed Awards

If the graduate is good at sports or is a musician, he or she probably has a collection of trophies and awards related to their interests. Group these together on your display table.

Card Box

Don’t forget to include a box for cards so friends and family members can drop theirs into it. Cover an appropriately-sized box (one with a lid) with a “graduation print” paper. Cut a slit in the top of the lid large enough for cards to drop through.