Ideas to Entertain Guests at a Fun Wedding Reception

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The wedding ceremony is sweet and touching, but guests always look forward to the wedding reception in hopes of a great celebration. It is up to the bride and groom to provide their guests with exciting and engaging reception entertainment so that guests will talk about the wedding for years to come.


Wedding games are a way to get the guests involved and break the monotony of dancing, eating and drinking. Trivia games about the bride and groom, dancing games directed by the DJ, a garter auction or musical chairs are a few ideas that get many people involved. Another idea is to have guests write advice and poetry to the bride and groom which can be read aloud at the reception which will surely get a lot of laughs.

Comedians and Performers

Guests will stay entertained between dancing and eating if they are treated to a comedian or performer. Comedians can add humor and laughs to an already joyous occasion, however the bride and groom must be cautious not to offend the bride's grandmother or anyone else they are afraid of making feel uncomfortable. Other performers that will add fun to a reception include a magician, belly dancers or clowns and balloon makers if the wedding includes many children.

Chocolate Fountain

A chocolate fountain is a fun and unique item that will entertain guests of all ages, especially chocolate lovers. The flowing melted chocolate is beautiful to look at but dipping different bite-size foods in the pool of chocolate or catching the falling chocolate is even better. Dippable foods to use with a chocolate fountain include strawberries, marshmallows, bananas and cake pieces. Chocolate fountains can be purchased or rented at party supply and rental stores.


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If a bride has a large budget, she can hire a fireworks company to put on a show for guests at the reception site if it is outdoors. Even though a professional fireworks show can be extremely expensive, it will surely entertain guests and make them feel special. Brides on a smaller budget can opt for sparklers and ground fireworks to set off during the reception or during the bride and groom's departure but be sure to check city ordinances before setting off fireworks outside of the fourth of July season.