Ideas for Wrapping Ribbon around Lollipops for a Birthday

little girl with lollipop image by Andrejs Pidjass from

Lollipops are fun party favors for birthdays, and they can also be given to the guests to enjoy during the party. When lollipops are wrapped with different bows, they add to the celebration. Use fabric or non-woven wrapping ribbon for large or small bows and curls, or wind the wrapping ribbon around the stick for fun.

Fabric Ribbons as Bows

Fabric wrapping ribbons made of velvet or satin create fun additions to a girl's birthday party, especially when the colors match the event or the bows are the guest of honor's favorite color. Take a piece of ribbon and wrap it twice around the stick before tying it into a bow. For thin sticks, use a narrow ribbon to make a bow. Bows for the large, longer sticks of giant lollipops can be made of wider ribbon or ribbon with wire at the edge to create a large, puffy bow. Striped ribbons look great with striped and twisted lollipops.

Curling Ribbon

Curling ribbon can be used for created long streamers around the base of the candy part of the lollipop. Curl the ribbon strips into varying lengths, then align the ends along a piece of wrapping tape. Place enough ribbon in a row on the tape to wrap around the stick at least two times around. Then take that tape strip and wind it around the bottom part of the lollipop. The result will be a lollipop reminiscent of a fairy wand, with long strips of wrapped curling ribbon flowing from the top of the stick.

Ribbons to Cover Sticks

Ribbon that is flat, non-textured and without wires can be wrapped around the lollipop sticks. Create unique lollipop sticks by taking a section of ribbon and taping it at the top of the lollipop stick. Wind the ribbon down the stick tightly to keep it from fraying, and overlap the ribbon as you work down. Trim the ribbon at the bottom and tape it into place. This style can be combined with either a wrapping ribbon bow or curling ribbon for extra flair.