Ideas for Pirate Decorations on a Budget

If you're hosting a swashbuckling soiree but are low on cash, forget buying expensive kits that cost a lot and can't be used again. Don't spend all your booty on blow-up pirate ships and palm trees. Use your imagination and tap in to your inner frugal for a party worth its salt and some change left in your pocket.

Crepe Paper

Decorations don't come any cheaper than crepe paper. Buy some black or navy crepe paper to stream around your party location. Run crepe-paper streamers from ceilings to give your party an inside the ship feeling. Turn off the ceiling fans and drape black crepe paper from each blade or hang it in drapes across doorways and archways for a fun and festive feel. Use blue crepe paper at a lower level on the walls to give your party an ocean vibe.

Pirate Jack

No pirate party would be complete without the Jolly Roger, a flag depicting a white skull and crossbones displayed over a black field. It has been the global symbol for pirates for centuries. The Jolly Roger also can be displayed with a patch over one eye; this version is called the One-Eyed Jack. You can buy a Jolly Roger for less than $10 online or at your local party-supply store. Display your Jolly Roger in a central location or if you have a flag pole in your front yard, fly your Jolly Roger from the pole.

Treaure Box

You must have booty at a pirate party. Buy several packs of inexpensive gold coins. Cover a shoe box and lid separately with brown wrapping paper. Use a permanent marker to make lines on the box to give it the appearance of a wooden box. Stuff crumpled newspaper inside the box, then toss your coins on top of the newspaper. Leave a few gold coins around the outside of the box for some extra flair.