Ideas for Invitations


When you send an invitation for an event, you are setting the tone for the event. Invitations should not only tell your guest when and where the event will take place, but should tell them what kind of activities to expect, how to dress and what to bring. You can imply some of these by using an imaginative invitation.


Make postcards with pictures of the bride and groom and print the invitation to a shower on the back. When the party is held at a special location, slide a photo of the destination into the envelope. Take a picture of your garden or other landscape to decorate the front of any kind of invitation.


Shower invitations can be shaped like an umbrella or include a paper umbrella within the envelope. For a themed child's party, use a related shape for the invitation; a boot for a cowboy theme, a crown for a princess party. Cut folded cards into the shape of the number of the age of the birthday guest of honor. After writing invitations, cut them into five or six puzzle shapes and slide the cut pieces into the envelope for the guest to assemble.


Send balloons printed with the day and time of a child's birthday party. For a christening, baptism or first communion, write the invitation on the back of a Bible bookmark. Silk screen t-shirts for guests to wear to a picnic. Include a fragrant teabag in the envelope for a tea party. If you are mailing the invitations, they must comply with post office regulations. Odd shapes should be mailed in a box or padded envelope.


Craft stores usually have a large array of three dimensional stickers used for scrap booking. Attach these to the front of plain invitation cards to convey the theme of your event. Cut half a potato into a simple shape and use it to stamp the front of the invitation with tempura paint. Cut out a string of folded paper dolls and write a little information on each.

Other Ideas

Put an ad in the paper with inside information only the guests would know. Sprinkle a pinch of confetti in the envelope with the invitation. Print information for a family reunion on the back of a family tree. Fold the invitation with two flaps in the front and write one piece of information on each flap. Create a simple crossword puzzle that the guests must solve to find out about the event.