Ideas for Homemade Christian Themed Christmas Gifts

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A handmade gift comes from the heart and shows love to the recipient. If you want to do something different this year, you can create customized gifts that can't be found in stores. The presents add meaning to the Christmas season and will be remembered from year to year as your family and friends celebrate the true meaning of the holiday.


Handmade ornaments can be used over and over again, and can convey the Christian meaning of the Christmas holiday. If you're a knitter, knit an ornament in the shape of a cross or a star. Cross stitch a small image of the baby Jesus, the three wise men or an angel and frame it in a tiny frame. Purchase brightly colored glass balls and glue on rhinestones in the shape of an angel or star. Use modeling clay to form doves, crosses or candles. Poke a hole in the top of each, let them dry and thread a ribbon through to hang.

Nativity Scenes

The stable filled with Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, shepherds and wise men is one of the most common Christian portrayals of the Christmas holiday. Make your nativity scene with modeling clay. Form each of the people from the story, let them dry and then paint them. Many craft stores sell white clay nativity scenes that you can just paint, and they make heartfelt gifts, as well. Paint an image of the nativity scene on a blank canvas. Sew each of the items and people from the nativity scene with colored scraps of fabric or felt. Add accents with buttons and ribbon.

Paper Gifts

A handmade paper greeting card is an inexpensive gift if you want to make something for extended members of your family or close friends. Use colored paper to make an image of a cross, manger or angel on the front of the card. Add a heartfelt message or Bible verse on the inside. Use your computer to make a homemade calendar. Include a religious picture for each month and add short Bible verses on various days throughout the year. You might also include short prayers. A journal is another gift you can make. Print a Bible verse at the top of each page and leave space for the recipient to include her thoughts about the passage. Many office supply stores will bind the journal for a nominal fee, which can make the gift even more special. A handmade stationary set that has Bible verses and prayers is another inexpensive paper gift.

Edible Gifts

Edible gifts are common during the holiday season and you can put a Christian spin on them to keep the focus on the religious meaning of the holiday. Make sugar cookies, but instead of reindeer and trees, use cookie cutters to cut out crosses, angels and stars. Decorate the cookies with frosting and edible decorations. Instead of the traditional gingerbread house, make a gingerbread stable. Make gingerbread boys and girls and decorate them to become Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the shepherds and the wise men. A cake baked in the shape of a cross or that has a Christmas-inspired Bible verse piped on with frosting are additional ideas.