Ideas for Cowboy Gift Basket Containers

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Finding the perfect gift for some people is hard. Handmade gift baskets filled with items specially selected create a gift that shows thoughtfulness and love. If the person receiving the gift basket loves cowboy- or Western-themed items, make a cowboy gift basket. Fill the basket full of items related to cowboys, horses, Indians and the Old West. Use a container that automatically makes a person think of the time period, and use a piece of rough rope for a bow at the top of the basket.


Rough metal buckets or plastic horse feed buckets make excellent containers for gift baskets. Both containers are strong, and hold a lot of stuff. The buckets come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and are non-toxic. These containers are for holding feed, so they are safe for food or other items.


Use any type of basket for a gift basket. Basket made out of rope, wisteria, reed or wood make excellent gift containers. The small baskets work well for small gifts, food mixes or prepared food. The large baskets hold pretty much any type of gift. Food items, clothing and even a cowboy hat fit easily into the large baskets. If you have a really large gift, get a bushel basket from the farmer’s market that holds peas. It is about 30 to 35 inches tall and has a lid, so sealing the gift is easy.

Cowboy Hat or Boots

Fill a cowboy hat or new boots full of goodies, and give it as a gift basket. Once the person empties all of the goodies out of the hat or boots, the container is an extra gift. If you give boots filled with goodies, sit the boots side by side with the open end facing up, and tie the boots together with a rough piece of rope before filling the boots. It keeps the boots upright while you fill them.

Wooden Bowls, Boxes and Baskets

Find old or new wooden bowls, boxes and baskets full of fun stuff for a cowboy buff. Wooden boxes come in an assortment of sizes. Some are as small as salad bowls, and others are large crates for carrying heavy loads. If you find a handmade wooden bowl, it makes a perfect container for a food gift.

For Children

Get creative when making a cowboy basket for children. Use a pail for playing in the sand, and fill it full of western toys, candy, bandannas and fun stuff. Use a cowboy hat on top, and tie it up with a jump rope. Kids love getting toys; put in plenty of items with bright colors, and add a shiny sheriff's badge to the basket.