Ideas for Centerpieces for a Men's Competitive Swimming Party

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To make your celebratory banquet a formal event, plan appropriate centerpieces to take center stage on your table tops. There are an assortment of centerpieces related to competitive swimming that you can create to keep this theme dominant in your gathering. By preparing swimming-themed centerpieces and setting them about the space, you can ensure that the purpose of your banquet is immediately apparent to all guests.

Action Swimming Pictures

When swimmers propel themselves through the water, they traditionally move too quickly for spectators to truly appreciate the beauty of their motions. Allow party guests to see just how stunning the appropriate swimming form can be by placing action swimming pictures in the center of your party tables. Gather images from one of your competitions. Look for pictures that capture swimmers racing through the water as these action-packed shots are attention-getting. Blow up each of the images you select, and place them on a firm material, such as foam board. Stand your images in the middle of your tables. As guests move about the space, they can stop and view the spectacular swimming sights.

Team Logo Decorations

Show pride in your swimming team by placing the team's logo prominently on your tables. Print the team logo onto cardstock, making sure to print the image on both sides. Instead of sitting this logo on the table, take a different approach and suspend one from the ceiling above each table using translucent cord so that the logo spins above the table surface and appears to float in mid-air. Aim to hang your logo roughly six inches above the table's surface so it still remains a centerpiece for your table setting.

Swimming Accessories Bouquet

Instead of using standard flowers to decorate your table-top, craft bouquets of swimming accessories. Purchase plastic spikes, like the ones used to place cards in bouquets. Attach swimming-related accessories, like goggles, relay batons and team towels, to these spikes. Place the collection of spikes into a vase. Fill the vase with greenery to hide the spikes and add excitement to your display. Place these uncommon collections into the center of your tables.