Ideas for Bridal Shower Table Decorations

by Lisa Henshall ; Updated September 28, 2017

It might just be her last party as a single woman, so take the time to make sure every detail of your loved one's bridal shower is perfect. Including creative and unforgettable centerpieces and table decorations should be part of the plan.

Tasty in the Center

Using a cake as a centerpiece is a practical way to decorate the main table or buffet. With the cake elevated either by boxes hidden under the tablecloth or a pedestal cake plate, this idea makes everyone's favorite treat the center of attention. If there are many tables to decorate, a cupcake tree on each table is also a good idea. A cupcake tree is an interesting way to display the cupcakes while creating a centerpiece. You can find them made from wood, metal, glass or brightly colored plastic, so you can easily match your other decor.

Party Favors

Everyone loves party favors and they make great centerpieces. On the buffet or cake table, display goody bags and party favors in an over-sized basket or crystal punch bowl. Showers with many tables for seating can reflect this idea on a smaller scale.

Simply White

Don't go crazy with a theme and elaborate decorations. Go all white to make the shower simple and elegant. Just arrange for crisp white tablecloths, napkins, plates and simple crystal at your venue. A few white roses in a lovely, cut-glass vase on each table, and your look is complete.

Toilet Paper?

It's sure to be a conversation piece: Place a basket with several rolls of white toilet paper at the center of each table. Guests will be charmed--and relieved--when they realize the paper is to create a impromptu wedding dress as a party game. The goal of the game is for each table or small group to design and create a gown from the paper. Include a disposable camera on each table, too, so the bride can enjoy the memories for years to come.

Love's in Full Bloom

Fresh floral arrangements are always beautiful, aromatic and appropriate. Select a color from the upcoming wedding or the bride's favorite blooms. Or choose flowers that are ideal for your theme--sunflowers and daisies for a "country" shower, for example. Flowers are easy to come by. Order them from a florist; buy them online and have them delivered to your venue; or just swing by your local grocery store. Need to watch the budget? Place a single rose in a bud vase, and sprinkle rose petals across the tablecloth.

Romantic Candlelight

Candlelight and romance go together, even at a bridal shower. Give everyone a taste of the romantic event to come with the soft lighting and a gentle scent of a candlescape. On a large buffet or table, go big with a multi-armed candelabra. For the smaller tables, smaller arrangements of glass votives or floater candles burning in a bowl of water add to the ambience.