Ideas for Baptismal Gifts

Baptism is a sacred religious ceremony that initiates a person, often a baby, into the Christian faith. If you are invited to a baptismal celebration, it is customary to bring a gift. There are many traditional and interesting gifts that are appropriate for baptismal ceremonies. Baptismal gifts can range from religious to monetary.

Traditional Baptismal Gifts

It is most traditional to give a religious baptismal gift. This can include items such as a children's Bible, a religious children's book, a rosary or a ceramic cross. These items can be purchased at most religious stores and gift shops.

Personalized Baptismal Gifts

Many people choose to give personalized baptismal gifts. Keepsake baptismal boxes can be engraved and used to hold other religious items. Religious wall plaques are often personalized with the child's baptismal information.

Precious Stones

Jewelry is a thoughtful baptismal gift. A cross necklace or a baptism bracelet are meaningful baptismal gifts. A rosary bracelet is another beautiful jewelry gift--the rosary bracelet will feature 10 Hail Mary beads and one Our Father bead, as well as a small crucifix and small medal. You can start baby's first charm bracelet off with a silver baptism charm. A baptism medal that features a Guardian Angel is another popular religious jewelry gift for both boys and girls.

Religious Keepsakes

A baby music box with a religious theme like an angel or Noah's Ark is a precious baptismal gift that will be treasured. Collectible figurines, like the Precious Moments series, feature baptism figurines and ceramic photo frames.

More Than Monetary

Many people choose to give monetary gifts. While monetary gifts are fine, a more creative monetary gift is stock or a savings bond. Beautifully illustrated and framed stock certificates are a wonderful gift, and most can be inscribed with meaningful sentiments. A popular stock to give to a child is a framed share of Disney stock. Other stock suggestions for children include a share of Dreamworks stock or a share of Tiffany & Co. stock.

Another monetary gift suggestion is a savings bonds. U.S. savings bonds can be purchased at most banks or online from the U.S. Treasury department. An EE savings bond is purchased for half of the face value. U.S. savings bonds usually mature in 30 years, but can be redeemed for less than face value before that time.

Baptism is Not Just for Babies

While the majority of baptisms are for babies, many adults are also baptized each year. Some gift ideas for adult baptisms include a leather-bound Bible, a CD of inspirational music, Christian or religious books or an engraved photo frame to commemorate the occasion.