Ideas for a Surprise 65th Birthday

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Turning 65 is a milestone and deserves a special celebration. But by the time someone turns 65, birthday celebrations may have become somewhat predictable. An element of surprise is in order. Think about what the guest of honor would enjoy, but consider your other guests, as well. After all, most everyone is game for a birthday surprise.

Guest Bartender

Surprise the guest of honor by pre-selecting guests to serve as bartender for an hour. Choose guests who are especially close to the celebrant, such as his best friend or brother. The guest will then create his own special drink based on a memory of the celebrant. As each guest takes over the bar, he must announce his special drink and the memory it's based on. For example, a guest who served in the birthday celebrant's wedding might name his drink Best Man-hattan.

Forever Young

Tell the guests that the night will be an "over-the-hill" celebration. And decorate the room in black with RIP signs. Then, when everyone has arrived, surprise everyone with an array of children's toys. Put out hula hoops, construction toys, firetrucks, children's cards, basketballs and finger paints. Have your guests play with the toys of their choosing and devise games and prizes.

Surprise the Guests

Turn the surprise party on its head by surprising the guests instead of the guest of honor. Tell everyone the party is at 9 p.m., but plan it for 9 a.m. Rent a van and fill it up with thermoses of coffee and pastries. Have the birthday celebrant ring the doorbell at each guest's home to announce the "surprise" party. The guest has five minutes to get ready before she has to get in the van and head out to the party.
The party is still a surprise, but this way the birthday celebrant is in on it.