Ideas for a Crimson Tide Wedding

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Whether you and your partner attended the University of Alabama or are just fans of the school's football team, a Crimson Tide wedding is one that your guests are not likely to forget. All the school's sports teams are referred to as the Crimson Tide and wear the colors red and white, so these are the colors you should incorporate into your wedding. If you use these colors as your inspiration, your wedding will be a classy tribute to the school without resembling a college party.


The Crimson Tide theme should start with the bridal party attire since the attention will be on them all night. Choose crimson dresses for the bridesmaids and ask the groomsmen to wear white tuxedos with crimson vests. Bright red roses are a perfect choice for the bride's bouquet, while ruby jewelry is also a nice touch. You may also be able to incorporate University of Alabama merchandise into the attire. For instance, try pinning Crimson Tide buttons onto the ribbon of the bouquets, or let the groomsmen wear Alabama shoelaces in their shoes.


Plain red and white centerpieces will match your color scheme, but they aren’t special enough to represent your theme. Incorporate Crimson Tide photos and mementos into each centerpiece. These will get guests talking and reminiscing -- and those guests who aren’t familiar with the school can learn something. Frame photos of campus buildings, your favorite Crimson Tide football player and photos of yourselves as students, if you went to the school. Place small captions on each photo frame. Arrange the frames in the center of each table so each guest has a picture to admire.


As much as you love the Crimson Tide, chances are that not all your guests will feel as strongly, so you shouldn't give out favors that are direct from the University of Alabama gift store. Use the color crimson as your inspiration instead -- and give guests jars of locally made raspberry or strawberry jam. If you want to put your favors' budget toward charity, contact your zoo about sponsoring an elephant, which is the school's mascot. Place a card on each table explaining your donation. If you want to give guests a little something to take home, give each guest an Alabama button decorated with an elephant.

Food and Drink

You don’t have to serve tailgating staples to make your food match the theme. Keep the colors crimson and white in mind when choosing your menu, then add some specific Crimson Tide accents to the desserts. Serve a tomato and mozzarella salad for appetizers and red meat with mashed potatoes for dinner. The bartenders may also be able to prepare a specialty crimson cocktail using cranberry juice. If you’re getting married in Alabama, chances are your baker will easily be able to decorate a cake using the Crimson Tide logo and colors. Decorate the cake table with small stuffed elephants and University of Alabama pennants.