Ideas for a Baby in a Wedding Ceremony

Dieter Meyrl/iStock/Getty Images

Although a baby won't remember your wedding ceremony, including her in the ceremony ensures you have photos of how you shared your special day with a baby you love. The baby can have a place in several areas of your wedding, including the processional, the unity candle ceremony or the vows.

Baby in the Processional

Whether the baby is yours or the child of a friend or family member, ask a grandmother or a bridesmaid to carry the baby down the aisle instead of having the bride do it. This ensures the baby retains a special place in the processional without interfering with the bride's moment in the spotlight. If the baby is sitting up well, an attendant can carefully roll the baby down the aisle in a decorated wagon.

Baby in the Ceremony

During the ceremony, the bride and groom can retrieve the baby from a caregiver and hold him as they light the unity candle, signifying coming together as a family unity, not just husband and wife. Or, each one can give the baby part of a gift that makes a whole, such as each securing half of a locket onto a bracelet or necklace on the baby. They can do this during the vows portion of the ceremony, including the baby in the vow wording. Also, the bride and groom might knot a piece of the baby's blanket or one of his hats around their hands to show how the baby ties them together as a family.