Ideas for 8th Grade Graduation

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Eighth grade graduation is a big step in a teenager's life. It is a big milestone, the biggest in her life so far. This age group can be quite hard to shop for, as they tend to be quite picky.

Personal Gifts

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Personal gifts are normally given by close friends, parents or grandparents. Examples of these would be family heirlooms, like jewelry or photographs given to each generation at roughly the same age. A ring that has been handed down to each daughter in three generations when they go into high school would be a very meaningful gift.

Give a photo book with photos of the graduate from childhood to his graduation moment. Give a customized item such as a ring or bracelet, with her name on it and favorite quote.

Cash and Gift Cards

Cash or gift cards are always appreciated by young people at any occasion, especially at a graduation. The cash amount depends on how much you have to give, how well the student did academically and how close you are with the student. Buy gift cards at clothing stores, music stores or book stores.

Flowers and Novelties

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Flowers are a nice gift for female graduates. Flower leis, money leis and candy leis work for both male and female graduates. It feels great for the graduate to have multiple leis of different kinds layered upon his neck. Other novelty gifts include key chains or charms with the year of the graduation on them.

Practical Gifts

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Practical gifts are sometimes not as fun or festive as other choices but will come in handy and be used. A journal is a great gift for the graduate. If the graduate is an artist, a sketchbook is ideal. A book that is specific to his interests shows that you are paying attention to him and what he likes. A fine pen will be used for homework in the coming high school years. You can customize any of these gifts with a name or a monogram or quote. Other gifts include speakers for mp3 players, video games and DVDs.