Ideas for 26th Birthday Gifts

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Young adults have diverse interests and finding a gift that they will enjoy can sometimes become a difficult task. Examine their hobbies and interests when looking for a great gift, and for the 26-year-old who already has everything, consider a novelty gift or an experience instead, to let him try something he has never done before.


When the perfect gift cannot be found at the store, it is time to consider the gift of an experience. Adventure gift certificates are available throughout the world and encompass a wide variety of experiences for various ages and interests. From intense physical adventures, such as guided hiking tours through Costa Rica to disc jockey lessons to host the next special event, the options are plentiful. Chocolate tours in various areas provide a new and exciting understanding of the complexity and enjoyment of chocolate making. Speed seekers can satisfy the need for speed in a NASCAR race car with the top speed printed to show to friends.


A certificate to a local spa provides the pampering she deserves. There, she can indulge in the various beauty and relaxation techniques at the hands of trained professionals. For a twist on the spa certificate, consider hiring a mobile spa service to come to her home and provide the luxurious treatment found at the store location. Those with limited budgets can still get in the action with beauty and massage products found at local health and spa locations. For a personal touch, consider making scented candles or soaps to offer her in place of store-bought products.


Customized stuffed animals and bobble heads are something she may never knew existed. With only a few pictures of her supplied to the company and some basic information on requirements, a 14-inch-tall version of her can be created. Shipping can take four to six weeks so planning ahead is essential. Bobble head customization depends on the company used and can include adding a face to an established bobble head or full-body customization.


For the smoker who needs to break the habit, consider giving an ashtray that reacts to the presence of the cigarette. Some models include a normal looking ashtray that makes coughing sounds when ashes are place in them. Other models are made in the shape of lungs with one side that coughs and the other side that screams when a cigarette is place on the ashtray. For the chocolate lover, give the gift of a calculator that looks and smells like a real chocolate bar. This calculator is sure to get some attention at work but may also send chocolate cravings into a frenzy.