Ideas for Cool Punk Clothes

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The punk persona is often telegraphed through attitude -- but punk clothing makes just as much of an impact. Look to the clothes of legendary punk bands like the Sex Pistols and the Ramones for ways to pull off this classic clothing style. Tough, edgy pieces set the tone for a killer punk outfit, though some low-key pieces can also be used for the same effect. Experiment with different patterns, textures and silhouettes to create outfits that perfectly epitomize the vibe that has captured attention for decades and paved the way for a new breed of hardcore punks with fierce attitude.

Tough Textures And Patterns

The mixing of different patterns and textures plays a key role in looking punk rock. Plaid and flannel button-down shirts go well with anything from black, denim skinny jeans to high-waisted, denim cut-offs and leather mini skirts for girls. Leather biker jackets and tight-fitting leather, vinyl or rubber pants offer an instant toughness while fishnet stockings for women provide an additional of a punk look with a hint of grunge. Other grungy patterns like tartan in the nostalgic red and black pattern lend a hand in achieving a modern -- but still classic -- punk outfit.

Spirited Shirts And Jackets

Shirts with attitude are your best bet for perfectly portraying a punk personality. Black T-shirts, band T-shirts and vintage logo T-shirts pair well with a variety of bottoms like ripped jeans and tight, vinyl mini-skirts. Graphic print shirts also fit well within this style. As long as your shirt allows for some self expression, it can be made punk rock with the right pairings. Layer a black, leather motorcycle jacket or a camouflage jacket over a basic T-shirt-and-jeans combination and top off with a studded belt for a punk outfit that's totally practical.

Perfect-Fitting Pants

Tight-fitting pants are commonly found in punk style, so stock up on a variety of these and you'll have endless outfit possibilities. Easily paired with a T-shirt, flannel shirt or motorcycle jacket -- distressed-denim skinny jeans are a hardcore staple. Skinny jeans in dark denim, light denim and black are safe bets for compiling a ton of outfits, but styles in bold hues and patterns like leopard print provide an unexpected pop of color for those who favor a bit of hardcore variety. Choose styles of pants that have rips, tears or patchwork and carry a chain wallet or slip on a spiked belt for additional hardcore flavor.

Edgy Accessories

Combat boots and motorcycle boots perfectly complement a punk combination. Pair this footwear with lace leggings or skinny jeans to show you're a force to be reckoned with. Though tough boots are a sure-fire way to emulate a punk look, old Converse sneakers and skater shoes are also common shoes found on the feet of punks and make great finishing touches for a combo of denim jeans and a T-shirt. Studded and spiked accessories -- as well as safety pins and grommets -- encompass the angry, tough vibe of a punk persona, so carry a studded bag, wear a studded belt or cuff, or incorporate a spiked choker necklace into your ensemble to pull the look together.