How to Write an 80th Birthday Invitation

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An 80th birthday is a milestone that should be properly marked. The party can range from an elaborate elegant event to a casual, more intimate gathering. The important thing is that it reflects the person being celebrated and the achievements of the person throughout his eight decades. The 80-year-old will most likely not be doing the planning, and the writing on the invitation should be appropriate for the kind of party he wants thrown.

Decide whether you will be purchasing invitations, creating them on the computer or handwriting them.

Create an invitation list. Work with the person celebrating his 80th birthday to ensure the list includes people he cares about. There should be other elderly persons in attendance, and the octogenarian may get overwhelmed by a large party so make sure to check with him before planning a huge extravaganza.

Speak with the guest of honor about any special requests she may have, such as dietary restrictions, medical limitations and time of day when she is most energetic. She also may want to forgo gifts and ask that guests not bring anything or make a donation in lieu of gifts. This should be indicated on the invitation.

Set the tone for the party with the wording of the invitation text--whether it is formal, casual or thematic. You should include a time, date, location, RSVP phone number and/or email, dress requirements and rain date (if applicable). The wording can be simple or more creative. You may want to consider including a verse, rhyme such as "Brad is Eighty, Come make a toast to a fine matey," personal note or a story about the person celebrating the birthday.

Print in a large and simple font that people with trouble seeing can read. One option is to print the invitation on a computer using affordable photographic programs that can give the invitations a special touch.

Send out the invitations eight to 12 weeks before the event.