How to Wear Boyfriend Watch With Style licens with photo stream by qiqi0523

Boyfriend Watches are the HOTTEST TREND with wrist action happening right now!

Miley Cyrus, Susan Sarandon and other stars sport these watches. VABENE seems to the watch brand of choice among celebs, but many other brands are good too. Commercials and ADS are now sporting the look... as seen in one of my photos below.

After accidentally discovering the "Hottie" look of rolled, cuffed Boyfriend Jeans; I was educated on the fashion trends of Boyfriend Watches, and the absolute horror of not owning one. I was informed that no matter what brand names are hot, Fossil is the best and that Fossil brought the trend to life.

Here is your shortcut to wearing the Boyfriend fashions with flair, and how to look GREAT while wearing this comfy trendy style.

Decide your budget and start to research online, or in fashion magazines, to determine the Celeb watch that your eye is drawn to. Listed below are several resources for shopping that will help you.

Buy your basic man looking black watch. It will go with everything. Make sure it fits right; it should slide down some. It should be over-sized like wearing your boyfriends's watch not tight like your own watch would fit.

Shop some of the second hand stores. Ceramic dial is a hot look but so are vintage dial faced watches. Look for name brands. Sell your ex-boyfriend's rings and things and pay for the new "to die for" watch.

Make sure to wear the black analog as your casual. Or the silver analog is acceptable for casual. The Betsey Johnson - diamond dial watch, would be so awesome for nights out or special times.

With your watches make sure to choose good colors for your tops and look at whether your watch is highlighted or overwhelmed by the top. Look in the mirror for the balance. If you are trying to impress someone and job hunting, hock some jewelry and buy a VaBene brand.

Buy a variety of shoes. You can wear strappy spike heeled sandals, or chunky heels/boots, and they will go with your watch every time. Read my other article for jeans, and other tips.