How to Wear an Evening Wrap

Evening wraps comes in many forms and styles. They can be worn in a variety of ways, allowing you to customize your look based on your mood or the occasion. In addition to adding glamor to your ensemble and keeping you warm, a wrap can make your outfit more conservative or tie in your favorite pair of shoes or favorite bag with your dress. Wraps are both versatile and functional.

Choose a color for your wrap. A wrap to match your dress is an easy addition to an outfit. Whether your dress came with a wrap or you are adding one in the same color, you can't go wrong. Experiment with different widths, and if your dress is simple, adding a same-color wrap in a different pattern can be a very classy accent. Try same-color wraps with sparkling accents, patterns or additional colors.

Wear a complementary wrap by choosing a color that does not match, but complements your dress. Options include different shades of the same color (light blue on blue) or metal tones (gold or silver wraps). Black or white are classic colors for a wrap.

Use a fur wrap to add class and warmth to your evening dress. Unless it's particularly exotic, fur comes in four general colors; brown, black, white or gray. When pairing fur with an evening dress, consider the coloring. A fur wrap can be worn around the shoulders and secured traditionally with attached clasps, or by using the arms to keep the warp in place. You can also wear a fur wrap over one shoulder, much like a sash, with the ends hanging down.

Wear a thin scarf or wrap by making one loop around your neck and allowing the tails to both hang in front, both in back or one on either side. The thin wrap is an accept piece that works for those who want to show off the dress rather than cover it up, but feel their look needs a little more flair. Match the wrap to your shoes, jewelry or bag for a great ensemble.

An over-sized wrap makes a high-fashion statement and can add impact to a tired or boring outfit. Go for stiff fabrics that will keep their shape. Drape the wrap around your back and let it come over the arms to hang down your sides. Play with folds and length to create the desired effect; a long, train-like wrap makes a different statement than a shorter piece.

For evening, a moderately thick wrap is generally favored. A simple, over-the-shoulder look is an easy way to go with this style of wrap. Bring the wrap behind you and let it drape over your arms to hang down your sides. For added fun, take these tails and, once wrapped over your arms, tie them behind your back. This creates jacket-like effect. You can also experiment with a knotted front, which can be quite elegant. Take the tails and tie them in the center of your chest, smoothing the covering tail into a sleek fold, much as you would wrap a gift. Avoid tight knots.