How to Wear a Pocket Watch

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Add a dash of old-fashioned panache to a suit or vest or sport a smidge of steampunk-style jewelry with a pocket watch. Whether you plan to flaunt a gold-filled antique heirloom or you've purchased an inexpensive modern reproduction, you have several options regarding how and where to wear your watch.

Get Vested

Go the traditional route and wear it on a vest. Whether you have a three-piece suit or a dress shirt and vest, just attach the fob – the piece at the opposite end of the chain from the watch – to a buttonhole close to the vest pocket where you place your watch. Chain styles include straight chains; Albert and Double Albert chains that feature additional shorter "drops" for attaching other items, such as a charms, lockets or fobs; feminine ribbon chains; or adjustable slide chains.

Pocket It

For a more modern way, wear it in your pants pocket. Opt for a traditional chain that is attached to your belt loop or try a more contemporary look with a leather strap that attaches to your belt. Some leather straps also sport decorative fobs that are made to hang below the pants pocket. To ensure you don't damage your watch, you can enclose the watch in a cloth or leather pouch inside your pocket.

Pouches, Pins and Pendants

Discover alternative ways to sport a watch. A leather pouch with a loop in the back may be attached to and worn on a belt. Pocket watch chains, such as Albert and Double Albert chains, can be worn as or adapted into necklaces with additional charms. Smaller, lighter watches can be attached to lapel pins and worn on a jacket lapel or blouse.