How to Wear a Lululemon Headband

Lululemon is a stylish brand that makes dance, workout and fashion wear for women. The Lululemon headbands are made for all of these applications. They're each an unbroken loop of fabric that's meant to hold hair back from the face. The most common consumer complaint about Lululemon headbands is that they sometimes loosen and slip out of place, so Lululemon redesigned the headbands with a textured non-slip portion to hold them more securely.

Slide the Lululemon over your head and down around your neck like a collar or necklace.

Pull your hair out from underneath the headband. Brush your hair out to remove any tangles caused by sliding the headband over it.

Ensure that the rubberized non-slip portion of the headband (if your version has this) is facing in toward your skin when you put it on--it helps keep the headband from slipping off your head.

Pull the headband up until it's wrapped around your head from forehead to where your hair ends on your neck.