How to Use Shower Gel for a Bubble Bath

Splish-splash, you were taking a bath...when you realized you were out of bubble bath soap! If this seems familiar to you, never fear -- you don't have to leave the comforts of the tub to make a bubble-bath run at your local drugstore. Shower gel can be used in place of bubble bath solution; in fact, many companies market their shower gel as a bubble bath as well, often on the same bottle. A simple substitution, and you're on your way to bubble bath bliss.

Stop the drain of your bathtub and run water as usual.

Add shower gel to the bathtub under the stream of warm, running water. While bubble baths often recommend a cap-full or two of the solution per bath, use as little or as much shower gel as you'd like, depending on how bubbly you want your tub. The more shower gel, the more bubbles in the tub.

Rinse your bathtub thoroughly after using shower gel as a bubble bath. Many shower gels contain moisturizers that make the bottom of your tub very slick. Rinsing the tub will prevent you from slipping and falling in the future.