How to Use Children to Propose

by Crystal Green

Children are not only sweet and adorable, but they make good workers when you teach them how to execute small tasks for you. When you’re ready to propose to that special someone you love and have access to a few tiny tots who can help you get the “Yes” you're hoping for, get a few plans in place put the little ones to work for your cause. Whether the kids are your own or borrowed from your neighbors down the street, utilize them to get you one step closer to saying, “I do.”

Step 1

Select a location for your proposal. Decide if you’ll greet her at her house for dinner or at work during the day. Think about the time you’ll have access to the kids to assist you. Narrow down your activity and delivery method for using the kids. Use ways they can help, such as holding up a sign, knocking on her door and delivering a gift and message, or whispering it in her ear.

Step 2

If the children aren't your own, ask the kids' parents for permission. Let the parents know your intentions and request that you have access to their child to help you with your proposal. See if the parents think the kids will be able to commit to the task you have in case they are prone to getting shy with strangers or at random.

Step 3

Give the kids specific tasks and avoid making the steps too complicated. Even with older kids you wouldn’t want them to misconstrue your entire plan and do the wrong thing. Schedule a few practice rounds so they are clear what they are doing.

Step 4

Stage your proposal by sending the kids to act out the plans you practiced. Avoid giving them the actual ring to deliver if you think they may lose it in transition. Leave the official proposal for when you are with your mate hand-in-hand and can ask yourself with the ring.

Step 5

Give the kids a reward for a job well done. Buy them ice cream or pizza as a way to say thanks. In the event you get a “Yes,” include the story of your proposal with the kids in your engagement announcement and during your wedding reception.

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