How to Use Avocados

Avocados are a great source of vitamins and minerals and they taste good too! There are many ways to prepare avocados, and many dishes require only a few quick steps.

Pick a ripe avocado. It should have a dark green skin and be firm yet slightly soft to the touch of your thumb. Too soft and they will be mushy inside and not good even for dip. Haas avocados are a good type for recipes.

Make guacamole dip, a southwestern favorite. Peel ripe avocados and smash them in a bowl. Add a few tbs. of salsa and you have a great bowl of guacamole dip ready for any football game or party. Add a drip of lemon to keep the dip from turning an ugly brown color.

Dress up salads. Yes, avocados will zest up any salad. Try romaine lettuce with diced pears and avocados and sunflower seeds tossed on top. Another tasty salad is spinach with avocados and bacon bits.

Turn any burger into its own meal by adding sliced avocados and cheese and 2 crisp slices of bacon. Sure to fill up any appetite!