How to Use a Bidet

How to Use a Bidet. A bidet looks like a toilet but has warm-water jets for personal hygiene after you use the toilet. You might appreciate a bidet before sex, during menstruation, or if you have hemorrhoids, problems with bowel movements or physical disabilities. Here are a few easy steps to using a bidet.

Have bidet devices fitted on your toilet, or install a separate freestanding bidet next to your toilet if there's enough room in your bathroom.

Sit on your bidet after using the toilet.

Turn on the water and adjust the jets so that the strength of the stream is comfortable. The direction of the stream can usually be adjusted.

Cleanse anus and/or genitals. Some bidets are equipped with an air-dryer to dry skin afterwards. Otherwise, pat skin dry with toilet paper or towel.

Rinse out the bidet if it is freestanding.