How to Troubleshoot Oakley Thumps

Oakley is a company that sells a large selection of sunglasses for various uses, such as sports or recreation. One of the company's products is Oakley Thumps, which have a unique feature. You can upload music files into the sunglasses and then listen to the music via a connected earpiece. Because of the variety of complex mechanisms involved in making Oakley Thump sunglasses work properly, you may at some point need to do some troubleshooting.

Hold down the “Play/Pause” button for several seconds to power up your Oakley Thumps. If you’re having trouble getting the sunglasses to turn on, you may not be holding the button for long enough.

Look at the volume setting on your Oakley Thumps. If you cannot hear music, your volume may be set too low. Note that the volume may need to be adjusted for each song, since the level depends on the quality of the original music file.

Rest your Oakley Thumps. This can help fix many of the problems you may encounter while operating the sunglasses. Press the “Play/Pause” and “Previous Song/Rewind” buttons at the same time and hold them for several seconds to reset.

Charge up your Oakley Thumps. If the sunglasses are not charged, you may have trouble hearing music. Use the wall charger that came with the sunglasses. Allow the Oakley Thumps to charge for three hours or until the indicator light stops blinking.

Check your original music files if your Oakley Thumps won’t play music. Plug your Oakley Thumps into your computer using the USB cable that came with the sunglasses. Then, open the Oakley Thumps memory folder. All of the music files should be in MP3, WAV or WMA format.