How to Tie a Sarong for Men

by Resonna Shaw

Tube sarongs are versatile pieces of clothing worn by men. Tube sarongs can be used as swimsuit cover-ups, formal wear or traditional wear. Tying a tube sarong is essential because there is no fastener to keep it in place to prevent it from falling down. A tube sarong is an alternative for men who prefer not to wear pants. A sarong should be worn over underwear, just in case it falls down in public.

Step 1

Step into the center of the tube sarong or pull it over your head. Pull the sarong to the left, so that it fits snugly against your body.

Step 2

Keep the fabric pulled taut. Fold the fabric from left to right on itself.

Step 3

Hold the fabric taut. Take the top edge and fold it down about two inches, three times. You are done.

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