How to Tie a Monkey Paw Knot

colorful monkey's paws courtesy of dennyp on flickr via, step-by-step photos are courtesy of

Knot tying is an ancient art and the monkey paw knot is fun to learn. You can learn to tie a monkey knot today. The monkey paw knot, also called a monkey's fist knot is used by climbers to easily transport a lot of rope in one throw. It's also attractive in jewelry. Learn how to tie a monkey knot today.

Select a sturdy piece of rope that's at least 10 feet long. Tying a monkey paw knot takes a lot of rope.

Wrap the rope around your fist three times and then pull the inside end through the loops.

Wrap the rope around the first few loops three times, directly perpendicular to your first three rounds.

Pass the end back into the top hole, and through the first set of loops.

Now you'll wrap a second set of "inner loops" three times around the inside loops, perpendicular to the ones previously tied

Now you can pull the end back and tie the two ends together. If you're making a necklace, make sure that there is enough rope left on each side to fit over the head.