How to Throw a Pirate and Princess Birthday Party

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For a unique birthday that boys and girls will both love, throw a pirate and princess birthday party. If you have a set of boy and girl twins, this would be perfect for you, or perhaps your child wants to invite the whole class to the party. With a few standard decorations, embellishments, accessories and costumes, you can go beyond prepackaged birthday parties and create a truly fabulous day for your little one and your guests.

Decorate your party place with a variety of black and pink balloons and streamers. The black color is suitable for your little pirates and it also goes well with the pink color for the princesses. Tape a few balloons to the top of a doorway and alternate long strips of pink and black streamers across the top of it so your party goers get to walk through them to enter your party room.

Set up your table for both pirates and princesses. Take the black tablecloth and tape it to half of your table, and the pink one and tape it to the other half. Put pirate party favors on one side and princess ones on the other, but keep the tableware varied by using pink plates, black napkins, pink cups and black utensils.

Make a treasure chest and fill it full of fun. For the chest, cover a shoe box and its lid with either aluminum foil or black construction paper. Fill the inside with pirate booty sure to please a seafaring scalawag as well as high royalty -- costume jewelry such as necklaces and rings, fake gold coins, fake money and candy.

Make a princess castle from two or more boxes of differing sizes stacked together and covered with construction paper. Decorate with markers or stickers and tape a few small party cups upside down on the top for turrets.

Offer each guest a piece or two from a box full of costume accessories such as eye patches, pirate hats, wands and tiaras. Encourage role playing with the chest, castle and their imaginations. This is the perfect opportunity for photographs, either candid or staged.