How to Throw a House Party

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House parties are great social events that most people get to throw at least once in their lives. These events, as parties should be, are happy times and one worth remembering for both the host and guests. There are many tips and tricks to throwing a really good house party and following these simple steps will put you on your way to being a party guru among your friends.

Decide what kind of house party you are going to have. More importantly, plan how many guests you’ll be inviting. The number of guests you intend to invite actually makes the party what it is; it could be an intimate house party of under ten people, or a big blow out with at least 20 guests.

Decide what the theme of the party will be. Some hosts choose not to have a theme and opt for a more informal, relaxed and intimate gathering. Bigger parties can truly become livelier when people get into the spirit of a theme. May it be a cowboy hoedown or a sophisticated gala-style party where you can tell to friends to really dress-up, themes add to that individualized touch in your guests’ memories.

Party-proof your house by making sure all breakable items are placed somewhere safe. A house party can get wild depending on the strength of the refreshments you serve and depending on the mood you set. You can put big pillows as low chairs on the floor to create an intimate feel, or you can rearrange your furniture to create a “dance-floor” in the center of the room. Put away any fragile or valuable items before the party starts to avoid things being lost, stolen or broken during the party.

Lay out all the food and drinks in the kitchen so they are easy to serve or kept warm in the oven before your guests arrive. The only exceptions are the food items and drinks that need to be refrigerated and served chilled--for these you need to keep them in the fridge and take them out only when ready to serve.

Play good music that fits the mood. House-style music with a little funk and blues thrown in can be great if you want guests to dance. Music is very important in setting the mood, so plan ahead. You can also ask some of the guests to bring their own music as a conversation starter and to make sure to accommodate varying tastes in music.

Be a good host by making sure everyone is happy and entertained. A good house party needs a good host and someone sober to drive people home in case the party gets really wild.