How to Shave a Chin Strap

by Kenneth Coppens ; Updated September 28, 2017

The chin strap is a fairly new addition to beard styles. It requires little facial hair, so is especially popular among teenagers. The beard is very thin, runs along the jaw line, and can connect to a goatee and/or mustache. Here's how you shave a chin strap.

Wash your face with warm water and soap to get rid of any small debris that could make your razor dull. It is also good for your skin to be damp when you shave.

Stand in front of a mirror and apply shaving cream. Take your finger tip and run it along your jaw line to remove a line of shaving cream. This is your guide.

Shave the areas of your face covered in shaving cream. Be careful near your jaw line. It is better to leave your beard line thick in this step. You can make it thinner later.

Rinse your face after you shave. Make sure your chin strap beard is straight and a desirable thickness. If you want it thinner, trim the edges.

Follow the same steps each time you shave. The beard will be easier to maintain after it's grown in.


  • Maintain the length of the beard by using a beard trimmer with an attachment or scissors.


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