How to Shape Eyebrows With a Razor

If you want to shape your eyebrows without having to invest time and money in a good stylist or day spa, keeping your eyebrows neat and trim using a razor is one option. You can find razors specifically for eyebrows in most beauty supply stores and drug stores. These razors are disposable, which means you will need to replace them after a few uses.

Purchase a razor that is specifically designed to shape eyebrows. These razors are smaller than a razor you would use to trim facial hair or leg hair.

Shape your eyebrows after taking a warm shower. Hair on the face will be looser and easier to trim and shape because the steam from the shower will open up the hair follicles and the pores surrounding the hair. Start by trimming the hair that grows between the brows. Use short strokes following the natural growth of the hair. This will prevent red bumps from appearing on the skin.

To shape the brow, use an eyebrow comb to straighten out the hair. This will also show you which hairs are overgrown and which areas need shaping. Always trim from underneath to shape your eyebrows. Remove any stray hairs or hairs that are growing outside the natural shape of your eyebrows. Make sure that you remove hair slowly so you don't remove too much.

After trimming the underside of both eyebrows, take a look at them to make sure they are even on both sides. Trim any areas that you may have missed. Creating two brows that are symmetrical is the goal when shaping your eyebrows. If you have excess hair on the top of your brows, remove it using the razor. Be careful not to ruin the natural shape of the brow.

Finish by applying an eyebrow gel to hold the hairs in place. Apply a facial moisturizer between your brows to prevent red bumbs and itchy skin.