How to Sew Lycra Without Puckered Seams


0:05 hi I'm Mesquite ani and I'm here today

0:08 to teach you how to sew lycra without

0:10 puckered seams now I'm sure some of you

0:13 people out there would like to know how

0:15 us do that for bathing suits or tank

0:19 tops or even leggings here I have some

0:22 beautiful foiled lycra it's very

0:25 stretchy number one rule of lycra pin

0:31 pinning it is extremely extremely

0:34 important here I just put a couple pins

0:38 just to anchor it down next you need a

0:42 special presser foot here I have is a

0:45 rolling presser foot it actually rolls

0:48 there's whales underneath it that roll

0:51 under or over the fabric to keep it flat

0:55 instead of when you have a normal

0:57 presser foot actually push it a little

1:00 bit up to make that puckering

1:02 - also it's imperative to use a zig-zag

1:06 stitch I would say use it on your number

1:10 four of your zigzag and keep at your

1:12 fourth setting for first you have to

1:15 zigzag your seam

1:22 all right now once you're done with your

1:26 zigzag seam wherever this seam is going

1:30 to show you have to put an actual

1:32 straight stitch afterwards right next to

1:35 your zigzag seam so let me fix my

1:38 machine here and voila