How to Sew a Doo Rag

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Doo rags have become trendy in the realm of men's fashion for everyone from bikers to urban style enthusiasts, but finding fabrics and patterns you like can be difficult, and keeping a variety of styles on hand can get expensive. However, doo rags can be made at home that can be customized in the fabric of your choice and require no more tools than a needle, thread and a tape measure.

Cut the fabric as follows: one strip that is 17 1/2 by 2 inches; one rectangle that is 5 by 15 inches on all but one side, which will come out to a triangle that extends an additional 3 inches; and two half-moon shapes that are 9 inches at the base and 5 inches at their widest point.

Sew the rounded edge of one of the half-moons to the long edge of the rectangular cutout so that the triangle tail faces the back.

Repeat with the second half-moon on the opposite side of the rectangular cutout.

Sew the 17 1/2-by-2-inch strip across the front of the rectangular cutout by centering it and attaching it on its long side.

Continue sewing the strip to the flat base of the half-moons. When you are finished, the remainder of the strip should come out of the back on each side, parallel with the triangular tail.

To tie, place the doo rag on the head with the tail in the back, and tie the extra fabric coming from the strip on the back of your head so that the tail comes out of the bottom on the underside of the tie.