How to Reuse Lace From a Mother's Wedding Gown

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Reusing a mother's wedding gown is a popular way to promote sustainability and green living, as it doesn't use new or excess materials. A vintage dress is also a great find for fashionistas, and a funky wedding dress is no exception. The bride can honor her mother by wearing the dress, but the dress itself may not fit the daughter; it may not be her style or it may not have been preserved as it should have been. There are still many significant ways even just the lace from a mother's wedding gown can contribute to her daughter's marriage day.

Bridal Garter

Measure around your thigh with the tape measure. Make a note of this measurement. Measure a piece of your mother's lace from her wedding gown that is the same measurement as your thigh and is three inches wide. Fold the piece of lace wrong side out and stitch along the open edge with fine stitches, creating a tube. Turn the tube right side out.

Measure a piece of elastic that is about two inches shorter than the measurement of your thigh. Hold it around your thigh and make sure it is comfortable, stays in place and does not cut off circulation. Thread it through the lace tube. Stitch the ends of the elastic together, then stitch the lace ends together. The seams will rest against your leg.

Embellish your new garter with ribbon, beads and crystals. Consider placing a central crystal and stitching ribbons around it. Try the final garter on, to ensure it fits and stays in place.


Measure the length of the veil you desire, whether shoulder length or down the middle of your back. Measure the distance from one side of your bust all the way around to the other side. This is a popular width for a veil, so it falls elegantly over your shoulders and drapes around you. Cut a piece of lace from your mother's wedding gown to this length and width.

Measure the comb or tiara you will be attaching to the veil. Taper the piece of lace toward this measurement, so it is only two inches wider on each side. Turn up a hem on the piece of lace for a finished line. Stitch the edge with small stitches and iron it, to flatten it completely.

Sew the veil to your tiara or comb using fine stitches along the bottom edge of either hairpiece. Gather the veil as you stitch to create a slight bit of volume for your headpiece. Your hair will remain perfect below the veil this way.

Ring Bearer Pillow

Measure the ring bearer pillow edges. Cut a piece of lace the amounts to the total of all edges.

Stitch the piece of lace to the ring bearer pillow gathering the lace slightly to achieve a delicate look. Use small stitches, so they cannot be seen easily.

Cut off any fraying edges from the lace. Make sure all stitches are tight and will not come undone during the trip down the aisle.