How to Retard Hair Growth

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As undesirable as unwanted hair may be, fine hair on the upper lip, chin, abdomen or chest is normal in women. If the hair in these areas is dark or coarse, however, you may have a condition called hirsutism. Unwanted hair growth may be the result of high levels of the male hormone. Although hirsutism isn't life-threatening, most women find unwanted hair embarrassing and annoying. Fortunately, there are ways to retard hair growth.

Mix turmeric, aloe vera gel and garbanzo bean flour or besan. Use equal amounts of each ingredient. Don't worry about exact measurements. Make a paste and apply it over the area. Allow the paste to dry. Wash off with water and soap to get rid of any yellow color on the skin. When used regularly, it will retard hair growth. Hair that grows back will be finer in texture.

Eat soy protein regularly. Unwanted hair is often the result of high testosterone levels. Soy aids in balancing hormones and helps increase progesterone levels and lower testosterone, thus retarding unwanted hair growth. To reap the health benefits of soy protein, use soy milk with cereal or substitute tofu for meat.

Consider a hair inhibitor product. Over-the-counter products, in lotion, cream, gel and spray form, produce better results when used after hair removal. Hair inhibitors penetrate to the hair root and neutralize the main elements essential for hair growth. Hair that grows back is finer and weaker until it stops growing.