How to Cook Collard Greens in a Crock Pot

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collard greens are in the same family as cabbage and broccoli, grown for their large, edible leaves. Collard greens leaves are rich in vitamin C and high in fiber, with a flavor similar to that of kale. While you can eat collard greens raw, cooking them will enhance their flavor and soften their consistency. Combine the flavor of collard greens with ham and bacon to produce a rich, meaty dish. To cook collard greens in a Crockpot, allow for at least three and one half hours.

Combine the smoked ham meat and slices of bacon in a skillet. Cook over high heat until the bacon is crispy, stirring frequently. As the bacon crisps, break it into pieces approximately 1-inch in length.

Pour the ham hock meat, bacon and bacon drippings into the Crockpot. Add the collard greens and stir to coat in the bacon drippings.

Add the ground black pepper, salt and water to the Crockpot. Stir to blend the water, seasonings and bacon drippings with the meat and greens.

Cover the Crockpot. Leave the collard greens to cook for seven hours on low or three hours on high. Serve while hot.