How to Replace Diesel Watch Batteries

Jupiterimages/ Images

Known for their eclectic ads and designs, Diesel has been creating jewelry and clothing for 35 years. Needless to say, every year Diesel rolls out unique new lines of watches that are not all built the same, but if your favorite Diesel watch is no longer ticking and you want to try and replace the battery yourself, you should be able to with relative ease using a $4 watch case opener and some $3 plastic tweezers.

Closely examine your watch until you find a lip that you can lift with your thumb or a groove in the surface you can insert your watch case opener into. Gently working the blade of the case opener around the circumference of the watch, separate the back from the base.

Observe which side of the dead battery faces up before you remove it so you know which position the new battery should be in when you insert it. Now, carefully extract the dead battery with the tweezers and set it aside. Still using the tweezers, gently place the new battery into the same slot.

With your watch tucked inside a piece of protective fabric, press the cover down firmly until it snaps back into the base.