How to Remove Hair Dye From Surfaces


0:05 hi this is Heather Matthews at Metro

0:08 design studios in Chesterfield Missouri

0:09 and I'm going to show you the best way

0:11 to remove hair color from surfaces now

0:14 the first surface that I'm going to talk

0:15 about is your skin and the first thing

0:18 you should do before removing colors is

0:20 to prevent them so always wear hair

0:22 gloves when you're applying hair color

0:24 and use a barrier cream and barrier

0:27 cream is like a thick lotion that you

0:28 put on the hair line and on the ears and

0:32 other places that you don't want color

0:34 to stain so I'm going to demonstrate

0:37 here I've got a little hair color on my

0:39 hand

0:39 I've put some barrier cream on it first

0:41 then I've got some color remover for the

0:44 skin just put a little on to some cotton

0:47 and it just wipes away like that it

0:52 doesn't stain the skin at all so it's

0:55 important that use a barrier cream and a

0:58 color stain remover on the skin next is

1:01 how to remove hair color off of

1:04 something like a cabinet if you're doing

1:07 your hair color at home in the bathroom

1:09 I've got cream-colored cabinets here so

1:12 pretty light so it's a issue that I

1:14 struggle with daily so I'm going to use

1:16 a magic eraser to get the hair color off

1:18 and just do circular motions like that

1:22 and it kind of breaks it up it's a great

1:25 tool wipe it away and then just take a

1:28 towel to get it the rest of the way

1:31 clean and there you have it that's the

1:34 best way to remove hair color from

1:35 surfaces