How to Remove Blackheads Naturally


0:00 hi I'm Kelli I'm an aesthetician and

0:02 makeup artist at Ulta Salon and

0:03 cosmetics and I'm going to tell you how

0:04 you can get rid of blackheads naturally

0:07 first thing you want to do is you want

0:09 to steam your face so either get a

0:12 facial steamer or take a really hot

0:14 shower boil some water and just hold

0:16 your face over it for about two to three

0:18 minutes that's going to soften all the

0:20 oils in the dead skin within the pores

0:22 when doing so you do want to make sure

0:25 it don't get your face too close and you

0:26 do want to protect the eyes either with

0:28 iPads or cotton pads so after you steam

0:31 your face for two to three minutes then

0:34 you can go through and remove your

0:35 blackheads now there's two ways that you

0:36 can go about doing this one way that you

0:39 can use is just get some q-tips and you

0:43 can basically squeeze the skin around

0:45 where the black head is and wiggle the

0:47 q-tips and that's going to help to

0:48 remove that black head and since your

0:51 face is steamed and all the oils in the

0:53 dead skin is really nice and soft it

0:54 should come out really easily the next

0:57 method that you can use is to actually

0:59 make some finger cuts out of either

1:02 tissue or gauze works really well or

1:06 some cotton and yours going to wrap your

1:08 fingers up and you're just going to take

1:13 it and squeeze it around the blemish and

1:17 wiggle your fingers until the blackhead

1:20 purchase from the poor so that's how you

1:23 can remove blackheads naturally