How to Remove a Citizen Watch Battery

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A common watch brand around the world, Citizen watches feature long-lasting batteries within the watch unit. While the batteries are built to last a long time, they will eventually run out of power. When your Citizen watch battery runs out or breaks, you can remove it yourself in just minutes with a few normal household tools.

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Remove the screws on the back of the watch face with your screwdriver. Some Citizen watches do not feature screws, and you will have to wedge the back of the face off using the thin blade or other edge. Run the blade along the back to loosen the piece and then gently snap it off.

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Locate the battery within the back of the watch and lift the small retention clip holding the battery in place. You may have to loosen a screw on the retention clip or lift the clip using a set of tweezers.

Gently remove the battery with your fingers or with a set of tweezers and lower the retention clip. You can then add a new battery or close your watch without the battery.