How to Register With Dominos Pizza Online

Domino's is one of America's favorite sources for pizza. Whether getting pizza picked up or getting it delivered, you can turn to Domino's Pizza for some of your favorite meal solutions. In the past, you would need to call the nearest Domino’s Pizza location to place an order. With the popularity of the Internet, however, this is no longer necessary. You can now place an online order and get a hot pizza ordered fresh without ever having to use a telephone. This is definitely a great option since Domino's will send you special deal coupons if you sign up on the Internet.

Find the website for Domino's, located at (See References) This will take you to the main page of the website, where you can find a number of deals that you can take advantage of after you have registered with the website.

Click on the “Order Button.” This will bring up a pop-up screen which asks where in the country you are located. Enter your street address and zip code. This will take you to a screen which asks if you are placing an order for delivery or carryout.

Determine whether you are going to pick up your order or if you want someone to bring it to you. Make that selection and then confirm your address. Doing this will lead you to a menu selection page where you will be able to figure out exactly what it is that you want to order.

Decide what you want to order from Domino's, selecting from their wide variety of pizza, pasta, sandwiches and other types of food. As you put your order together, you'll watch it build up in the side panel shopping cart. After you have finished ordering, you will be taken to checkout.

Enter your personal information into the checkout portion of the Domino's website. This includes your name, phone number and email address. This will register an account with Domino's that you will be able to use anytime in the future when you want to place another order. You will also be prompted to select cash payments or credit card, at which point you will be asked to enter the relevant information.

Save the information which you enter into this website as it will quickly allow you to log in again and access your favorite food from Domino's. After saving your information, they will also ask you if you'd like to receive email notifications detailing specials. Typically, Domino's sends these out on a weekly basis.