How to Raise Money for Your Church

Image provided by boff2.

There are times when blurring the lines between money and church is necessary to raise funds for church activities, events or new projects. Raising money for your church can seem nearly impossible if fundraisers are disorganized, poorly executed or not advertised. Planning how to raise money for your church will allow you the freedom to execute properly and obtain enough funds to meet your reasonable goals.

Involve as many members as possible. Incorporating members of all ages will help glean the best ideas for a fundraiser as well as unite the church behind a single choice. Involving as many members as possible will also help to make for a more cohesive experience that will help to build camaraderie while showing the public a united front.

Conduct a raffle or auction. Making items such as biblically themed baskets or homemade candles quilts, or clothing and raffling them can help raise funds for your church quickly. Tickets can be sold for a specific item at a set rate and placed in a hat to be drawn later. If this goes against your beliefs or is too much like gambling, you can also consider having a mock auction where attendees get a number and bid on an item until bidding stops.

Wash cars or have a bake sale. Bake sales and car washes are the most popular fund raising methods for churches and can be used by your church to do the same. Try to combine both of these activities into one by splitting responsibility between two groups. Ask for volunteers first and make sure they understand what is necessary to execute each task such as bringing sponges, soap, baking goods, tables, etc. Try to hold this event in a public place that has lots of passers to get the most customers. Many businesses will allow you to have a temporary car wash outside of their facility such as grocery and home improvement stores.

Hold a concert or play. Selling tickets to a concert or play at your church or a rented facility is a great way to raise money for your church while also raising the community awareness of your church. This can have a positive effect on the underlying membership of your church as well as allow members within the church to showcase talent through acting, singing, or playing an instrument in a positively themed show.

Properly oversee the entire operation. When planning any event to raise money for your church ensure that you only place those in charge that can handle the responsibility. Have an event manager that is in charge of the entire event and checks in with those who were delegated responsibility often to ensure ample progress is being made. Without these leaders in charge, there is a greater probability of serious project failure and a lack of proper execution. Everyone should know and rehearse their roles ahead of time to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Give a specific reason for the fundraiser. People always want to know where their hard-earned money is going and giving a specific reason why the fundraiser is being held to the public will make people less leery of handing over cash. Beyond having a well-publicized reason for the fundraiser, giving progress reports throughout the fundraiser of money being made to everyone will motivate workers and boost morale. This also shows transparency in business and to the church members while possibly attracting some outsiders to donate because of your cause.