How to Put Studs in Leather

Leatherwear has signaled the height of fashion in many cultures for years. Leather can be colored and cured in a variety of ways, allowing manufacturers to create a wide variety of leather clothing, including coats, vests, shoes and even skirts and pants. Many leather items are closed with studs, which can add finesse to the piece. Studs work well with any type of leather and can be attached to leather items with a few simple tools in just a few minutes.

Choose the studs for the leather item. There are two types of studs.

Studs that have prongs on the bottom are generally used for leather clothing items.

Studs with screws are used for thicker leather items like handbags and shoulder bags.

Studs may be purchased at a crafts supply store or online.

Push the stud against the leather where the stud needs to be placed. This will create an impression and mark where the stud will be positioned.

Make a hole with your X-Acto knife in that spot for a prong-type stud.

Make a hole with a leather punch in that spot for a screw-type stud.

X-Acto knives and leather punches may be purchased at a crafts supply store or online.

Push the stud through the hole.

If the stud has prongs, push it firmly against the leather and bend the prongs over with pliers.

If the stud is a screw-type, screw the bottom part on, as a nut would be screwed onto a bolt.