How to Make Medieval Leather Boots

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Many history buffs enjoy becoming a part of role playing groups or Renaissance Fair communities. The medieval time period is rich in costume, fashion and armor. Making your own medieval ensemble can be accomplished using household tools and inexpensive supplies. A good pair of boots is one of the most important parts of a medieval costume, and while many hobby websites sell them at steep prices, you can make a customized pair that represents the history you love and your personality.

Pre-plan and research a design

Purchase an inexpensive, unadorned pair of boots in either real leather or imitation leather from a shoe store or costume shop. Boots that lace rather than tie are better for adapting into a medieval costume.

Reference a book or film featuring medieval clothing to get a sense of how the boots should be accurately customized. Famous stories such as Robin Hood are set in the medieval era. Shoes of that era aren't drastically different than standard modern work boots - mid-calf, flat soled. Boots were generally brown or black based on the leather available.

Sketch out the necessary features you want on your boots before beginning your alteration. Medieval boots often featured large, extravagant buttons or buckles on the side of the boot. Another option is for the boots to lace all the way up the front with a leather string. Determine which style you want your pair to be.

Add customization

Mark where each piece will go with a push pin before adding buttons or buckles. Use the already established lace holes as a guide.

Use a thick needle and a thimble to sew the buttons on, as both real and imitation leather can be tough to sew. Sew buttons up the side of the boot where the lace holes are located.

Lace the boots with a piece of leather string. Boots in the medieval period often were laced up the shin.

Secure buttons with a small dollop of hot glue. This will ensure lasting use of the shoes.