How to Put Hair in a Pony Tail

How to Put Hair in a Pony Tail. Putting hair in a pony tail is the easiest way to keep hair pulled out of your face and off of your neck. A ponytail can be cute and bouncy or can be the foundation for most up-dos.

Brush hair out completely.

Gather hair with both hands and bring together in the center of the head. This will be your basic pony tail, so make it as long or short as you want it.

Hold the ponytail with your non-dominant hand.

Brush hair from the frame of your face back towards the pony tail in long strokes. This will pull the hair into the tail and smooth out any bumps that existed.

Wrap the hair elastic around the tail, being careful not to snap the elastic on your fingers.

Divide the ponytail in half. With each hand holding a half, pull away from the head. This will tighten your pony tail.

Spray with hair spray if your hair is wispy.

Practice pony tails from the top of your crown all the way down to the base of your neck to create different looks.