How to Saran Wrap or Doobie Wrap for Healthy Hair

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Saran Wrap acts much the same way as standard plastic caps in maintaining hair health by locking in moisture. This hair maintenance technique is useful for dry hair and scalp sufferers and people with chemically treated tresses that are prone to moisture loss along the hair cuticle. Saran Wrap is perfect for maintaining a "doobie" wrap, or hair that is swept around the entire head, because the circular unfolding of Saran Wrap supports shaping hair around the head. An additional benefit of plastic wrap use is that it is able to withstand high heat for penetrating conditioning treatments.

Apply a moisturizer or moisturizing setting lotion to your hair. Options include oil-infused setting lotion, leave-in conditioner, oil sheen or natural oils. Saturate the hair.

Do a "doobie." Choose a starting location for your wrap. This can be the center of your forehead or behind the right or left ear. Use the tail-end of a rat-tooth comb to part the hair where the wrap will begin.

Use a wide-tooth comb or soft bristle brush to sweep your hair around the entire head starting at the parted section. A wide-tooth comb works better on coarse hair. You may combine setting lotion with oil to help your hair maintain the wrap without fly-away strands.

Pin the hair down with bobby pins or hair clips as you wrap it. Try to place the pins underneath wrapped hair to avoid visible indentations after they are removed.

Sweep hair around several times until all of your hair is wrapped around your head. If done correctly, your hair will look like a helmet or a beehive.

Pull 2-3 feet of Saran Wrap out of the container. Rip it off using the serrated edge.

Place the Saran Wrap at the back of your head and bring the two ends to meet in the front. Overlap them and continue to wrap the plastic around your "doobie" until it runs out. The plastic does not have to look perfect as long as it covers all of your hair.

Place pins on the sides of the Saran Wrap to hold it in place if you like. Saran wrap clings so you may find this to be unnecessary. Also, if your clips are metal, they could burn your face and neck during heat conditioning.

Sit under a dryer if you opt to deep condition. Dryer heat allows the moisturizer to penetrate the hair evenly.

Leave the Saran Wrap on for as long as you like.